Result of Election of Alderman 13th October 2015

A poll was held today at St Michael’s Church, St Michael’s Alley, London, EC3V 9DS and the result was as follows:
  • HILLS, Richard John                          Independent              46 votes
  • HOWARD, Robert Picton Seymour    Independent             137 votes
The number of ballot papers rejected was as follows:
(a) Want of an official mark – 0
(b) Voting for more candidates than the voter was entitled to – 0
(c) Writing or mark by which the voter could be identified – 0
(d) Being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty – 1
Total spoilt votes – 1
Number of ballot papers verified and counted – 184
Robert Picton Seymour HOWARD was duly elected as Alderman for the ward.
Turnout – 58.8%

Election of an Alderman – October 13th 2015

Election of an Alderman

Ward of Cornhill

Alderman Sir David Howard has surrendered the office of Alderman for the Ward of Cornhill and an election is taking place to elect a new Alderman.

A Notice of Election (26KB) was published on Friday 11 September. Following the close of nominations at noon on Saturday 19 September there were two validly nominated candidates. A Statement of Persons Nominated (23KB) has been published.

The deadline for new postal vote applications and for changes existing postal and proxy voting arrangements will be at 5pm on Monday 28 September. For an application form and more information please go to the Postal Votes page.

The deadline for new proxy vote applications will be at 5pm on Monday 5 October. For an application form and more information please go to the Proxy Votes page.

A Wardmote (Ward meeting) is scheduled to take place at noon on Monday 12 October at St Michael’s Cornhill, St Michael’s Alley, Cornhill, London EC3V 9DS. All eligible voters are entitled to attend and there will be an opportunity for candidates to address the meeting, and for voters to ask them questions.

Polling will take place on Tuesday 13 October, also at St Michael’s Cornhill. The hours of poll will be 8am-8pm.